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Are your searching for healing of your traumas, emotional or physical pain that really get to the root cause of it?

🇬🇧 Qihealing is for you who...

👉🏽 Would like to heal your physical or emotional pain on a energy level and strenghten your bodys abilities to heal itself. 

👉🏽 Would like to get past your own limitations of whats possible.

👉🏽 Want to live life from your full potential and more heart centered. 

👉🏽 Is fully dedicated to your own healing and are ready to make a deeper challenging work with your self.


I´m a qihealer and qigongteacher with a great passion to optimize your bodys own healing abilities! I used to work as a Dr. of Naprapathy for 10 years, specialized in headache, migraine, neck- and shoulder pain and temporo mandibular dysfunctions but I moved on to energy medicine. I was mostly working with women as a Dr. of Naprapathy and I still am. I work with people from all over the planet online through Zoom. 


Your investment

Qihealing online - Zoom

One hour session 1250 SEK/ 110 GBP/ 151 USD/ 124 Euro

Qihealing physical meeting in Stockholm

Please contact me directly if you´d like a physical meeting. When we meet physically the session is always two hours. 

Two hour session 2500 SEK 

Do you feel like it´s a lot of money..?

Please keep this in mind:

1. This is a true INVESTMENT in your self that pays off in many areas of your life. The many wonderful people I have had the pleasure to work with feels that the support and guidance to finally get to the root of their problems and find a way out of the rabbit hole is PRICELESS. (please see testimonials)

2. What is the value of a gift you receive? I love to work with highly motivated people like YOU – who are ready to look at yourself and your truths about yourself from another perspective and who and are willing to go beyond your comfort zone and receive my huge support for doing so!  It´s often a scary way to go and requires a huge longing and intention for healing of a problem/pain/blockage/trauma to be able to live a free life more in your authentic way.

3.  You get access to my great experience and knowledge about both the physical/material dimension/the body, it´s physiology AND my experience and knowledge of the nonphysical dimension through the intuition based energy work I do. I worked as a Dr. of Naprapapathy for 10 years mostly with women with pain in head, neck, yaws, shoulders and backs. There were always emotional pain/blockages/trauma as a primary root cause. The deep healing and transformational journey that I have done myself combined with the high education I have in the field of qigong training – 5 yearly programmes at the Academy of Qigong and countless of hours of qigong training and qi healing – have given me abilities to mirror you and hold space for your pain to finally start to let it go.

My path to where I am today – being able to give you this kind of support – was filled with traumas that made me grow and investments in both time, hard work and money! I know what it´s like to feel emotional and physical pain! I also know what it´s like to – with the right kind of support – be able to transform that suffering to gold! Who knows whats good or bad? Pain can be the greatest motivational factor to look deeper into life, yourself and what you hold to be true.

4. Working with you on this high level also means it´s not possible for me to work with more than a few people every week.

Please write me a short message when you make your booking online, and tell me a little bit about yourself and what needs and intentions you have with the session. I’m looking forward to assist you on your path to more physical and emotional freedom and a life more in contact with your authentic self!

🇸🇪 Qihealing är för dig som...

👉🏽 Vill läka din fysiska eller emotionella smärta även på ett energimässigt plan och stärka kroppens självläkande förmåga. 

👉🏽 Vill komma förbi egna och andras begränsningar.

👉🏽 Leva livet från din fulla potential och mer från hjärtat.

👉🏽 VILL bli bra och är beredd att göra ett djupare eget arbete med dig själv.


Jag är utbildad qihealer, qigonglärare med bred kompetens och stor passion att optimera din kropps självläkande förmåga!

Jag har sedan tidigare 10 års erfarenhet som leg. naprapat med specialisering på huvudvärk, migrän, smärta i axlar och nacke samt käkledsbesvär hos främst kvinnor. 

Qigongcenter Stockholm, c/o Malave Do, Luntmakargatan 94, Stockholm. eva@qigongcenterstockholm.se (+ 46) 0708 64 46 77 Org. Nummer 556867-9731

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